A performance based on the Oleg Antonov's play "Death Defying Acts" in a staging by Vladimir Filonov

The main focus in this play aims to one clown's story which starts with his crush on the arena and clown is "deviding" into four clowns: black, ginger, white and fat. They argue and make it up with each other, they dream and mock, break up and unite again.

This story will tell you how the theatre helds out. On the one hand, there are artistic persons who can start the independent life by getting the freedom, on the other hand - there is a creative community which allows to create more. Together they represent absolutely new power which name is Theater.


Диплом 1 место IX Международного фестиваля любительских театров «Театр начинается…» (Санкт-Петербург)
Диплом участника III-го Международного фестиваля молодежных и студенческих театров «Идиллиум» (Москва)

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