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Experimental Stage

Mimicry Theatre, Tyumen Time TV-Channel, Department of Culture of Tyumen Region and Department of Sport and Youth Policy of Tyumen Region represent the project "Experimental Stage: Youth theatres on the Stage of Tyumen Dramatic Theater" with the support of Amateur Theaters Cabinet of The Union of Theatrical Actors in Russian Federation.

About project

The project started in 2013. In the First Season (2013-2014) youth theatrical collectives represented the audience their works in different non-theatrical places: parking place, museum, photostudio etc.

The Second Season of Experimental Stage (2014-2015) was called to acquaint specialists and viewers with possible types of modern theater. From March to November monthly creative laboratories were occured - with the duration from 1 to 3 days - in different theatrical genres: pantomime theatre, clowning theatre, literature theatre, artist's theatre, street theatre etc.

The Third Season (2015-2016) was directed to the support of young collectives which monthly represent their own performances on the playgrounds of Tyumen Dramatic Theater - "Stage on the 5th" and Small Stage.

The project's purpose is to create the united theatrical area for the youth theatres of Tyumen Region and to develop the youth theatrical movement.


Dance Theatre "Tsokol"

Director - Aleksandra Baletskaya

Young Artist School of Mimicry Theatre

Director - Inna Timofeeva

Youth "Experimental Shakespeare's Theatre"

The theater Leader - Aleksey Ushakov

Prospekt Dance Theater

Directors - Tuliya Ovcharova, Oksana Baklanova

Moire Dance Theatre

Director - Alyona Frolochkina

Theater of dance forms "Kontrast"

Director - Aleksandr Shipitsyn

Dance Theatre "Academy"

Director-ballet-master - Nataliya Shurganova

Author's Theater

Expert - Aleksandr Feldman

Clowning Theater

Expert - Victor Savchenko

Dance Theater

Expert - Nataliya Shurganova

Literature Theater

Expert - Lyudmila Nazarova

Street Theater

Expert - Shiva Grings

Puppet Theater

Expert - Alexey Shishigin

Music Theater

Expert - Nickolay Babich

Pop Theater

Expert - Alexey Kurganov

Artist's Theater

Expert - Nadezhda Sokolova

Theater of Pantomime

Expert - Elena Markova

Universal Humorous Theater "UYUT"

Director - Svetlana Hanzhina

Remarka Theater-Studio

Director - Yuliya Vologzhanina

Budilnik Theater-Studio

Director - Yuriy Demchuk

Theater of Dance Forms "Kontrast"

Director - Aleksandr Shipitsyn

Theater-Studio "Tishina"

Director - Marina Delikatnaya

Theater "Syberian Sun"

Director - Victor Guskov

Theatrical Studio "May"

Director - Mariya Gushchina

Dance Theater "Prospekt"

Directors - Yuliya Ovcharova, Oksana Baklanova

Theater-Studio "To be"

Director - Artyom Vasiliev