The Youth Theater Mimicry began its life in May 2003. The company is always looking for new tools and forms of self-expression, communication with the world, experimenting at the crossroads of pantomime and other arts. The theater’s brand is stage, street, and art performances involving the public in the play.


The project aims to create the united theatre area for the youth theatres of Tyumen Region and to develop the youth theatre movement.

During 5 years more than 30 theaters has taken part in the festival from: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Tartu, Kazan, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kemerovo, Ekaterinburg and other cities. The plays of participants were visited by 5 000 viewers during the history of the festival.

The festival with a ten-year history presents the diversity of genres of street performances: marching on stilts, musical improvisation, impromptu tricks, street clowning, modern choreography, interactive games with the audience, the theater of fire and other types of street theater arts.


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