A tale for adults based on the similarly named work of Evgeny Schwartz

A tale for adults fulled by childish optimism in which are mixed: show-booth, reaching to the outspoken buffoonery; farce, fulfilled in the grotesque appearences; clowning, made by a thin ironic melodrama; areal action, which does not recognize the distance between the actor and the audience. This is a story about the land, lost in space and time of being, which could never exist, but it is in the everyone's soul, where our desire for change runs into the fear to believe in the usual miracle.

«... The Mimicry has one amazing feature: they make a viewer the concurrent part of the story, involving him in the action atmosphere and extending the stage space as much as possible... There was a feeling that the viewer also lives in this fabulous land... The long-awaited premiere opened: non-standardly announced about itself by folded in an envelope tickets, highly - by stilts, loudly - by fabulous music, brightly - by special effects...»

"Rain" youth magazine


Золотой диплом за спектакль-сказку для взрослых «Тень», диплом за особый взгляд на классическую драматургию, диплом за лучшую женскую роль Аннуанциаты. Международная театральная универсиада «Unifest» (Челябинск - 2008)
Диплом Лауреата за спектакль-сказку для взрослых «Тень» по мотивам одноимённого произведения Евгения Шварца. Международный Фестиваль студенческих театров России «Новый взгляд-2007» (г. Санкт-Петербург)

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