The main task of the play is to involve all viewers in the game to find the solution of everlasting problems in male's and female's relationships. Specially for this purpose selected male and female seats are provided.

«…There are minimum of words in the play… Picturesque row is stronger than just a text. Instant shots to target cause more emotion than a slow explanation. However, this performance can be forgiven at all. Firstly, for these very shrill moments. Secondly, for aesthetic pleasure. And, thirdly, for sincerity. Final delicately returns the audience into reality. Actors do something near the edges of the scene, you peer, you do not know for whom to watch: for those on the right or those on the left, and suddenly, tshifting your gaze, you know where to look - opposite. Not on the actors, on the audience. And the two halves of the "audience" aware of this at the same time - M and F - have contact»

"Tyumen courier" newspaper


Золотой диплом за лучший спектакль фестиваля «М/Ж: игра без правил» на Международной театральной универсиаде «Unifest» (г. Челябинск-2010)
«Золотой диплом» Международного фестиваля студенческих и молодёжных театров «Встречное движение» за спектакль “М/Ж игра без правил” (г. Кемерово - 2011)
Лауреат Международного Театрального Фестиваля «Dialog - 2011» (Норвегия)
Диплом Лауреата Всероссийского фестиваля студенческих и молодежных театров «Театральная революция - 2009» за спектакль «М/Ж: игра без правил» (г. Тюмень)

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